Why Virtual?

eVirtual Roundtable’s (eVR) solution reflects the future of Peer Groups! As the Baby Boomers leave the leadership arena in the next 5 years, they will  be replaced by Gen-Xers and the Millennial cohort, all of whom are comfortable in a digital world. Traditional networking and peer advisory groups will change with those who populate them!

The eVR Solution

The eVR solution is a combination of excellent facilitation married with state-of- the-art technology and well-developed groups to create a premier online experience for busy business leaders. The use of high quality digital cameras, state-of-the-art video conferencing (allows as many as 25 participants to be visible to each other and interact seamlessly), and user-friendly software allow participants to participate in SIGs (Special Interest Groups) and Peer Advisory groups and feel as if they are in the same room together. This allows them to easily interact with each other, experience how they personally come across ‘on camera’, and gain valuable knowledge and feedback from their peers.

Apart from the obvious distinction of being “virtual”, eVR is a community of Expert Coach/Facilitators with a wide variety of specialties. eVR blends a powerful combination of three proven business and revenue models:  peer advisory groups, coaching, and training, to accelerate the growth of participant Members.

eVR”s Mission:  To be the leader in providing a premiere experience for executives who desire to participate in meaningful SIG’s and Peer Groups, deliver world-class training for their coach/facilitators, and offer Preferred Resource Partners to augment services to Participants.

eVR’s “Why”: To create a safe environment to discuss what matters most.

A little history: eVR’s founder, Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr responded to a need!

As Dr. Barr, eVR’s Founder, gathered research for her book A CEO’s Secret Weapon: How to Accelerate Success, she interviewed leaders around the world. Leaders who were in peer groups discussed the ROI they gained from the combined wisdom of their peers, the improved decisions they made, the growth of their businesses and the general support they received. Those who were not in peer groups were the impetus for creating a virtual solution. These leaders cited too much travel, lengthy commutes to meetings and not enough synergy between group members as the reason for wanting a different online solution.

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