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Message from the CEO

The journey began a year ago – on tax day. eVirtual Roundtables began with my own “Why” – creating a background - websitesafe place to discuss what matters most. In just one incredible year the foundation for our organization was laid. We are on our way to becoming the ONLY peer advisory group, training and coaching organization, with face to face meetings online. In everything we do we believe in being world class: in our technology, meeting format, and training modules. Our marketing strategy is distinctive and our community events like eTalks will draw people to discover more. For those Leaders who have joined us already – we appreciate you and look forward to being part of your success. For those of you who are still thinking…we will be here when you choose to join. And for the Preferred Partners who have joined our directory – we look forward to your participation in our community. Let’s discuss what matters most – not only CEOs are lonely and isolated in their roles….everyone is! Here’s to your success! Dr. Frumi

For Coaches: Breaking Barriers to Grow Your Practice

Did you know over 80% of coaches needlessly fail because they are reluctant to invest in themselves? You don’t have to be part of the 80% and you don’t need to change your entire business. Growth can easily be achieved by adapting to shifts in the way we do business.

Right now there is a shift taking place in how coaching is being delivered. Remember the phonebook? Once a great resource now a door stop.

This training is specifically for YOU.  The coaching profession has dramatically grown over the past decade.  As times change and technology evolves the way we conduct business changes.  Today is that day, virtual, face to face, coaching is here now.

This training is about Breaking Barriers to Grow Your Practice. You’ll learn how to use virtual face to face technology to expand your market and build relationships and grow like you never thought you could.

  • Expand your business beyond your local market
  • Work from your desks
  • Be independent but not alone
  • Create a sustainable practice

eBook Summaries

Each month we share one of Dr. Frumi’s top book summaries.  Download and read this month’s book summary: START, Punch Fear in the Face Escape Average Do Work That Matters. Author Jon Acuff

START eVR book summary

For Business Leaders: Accelerate your growth, join our virtual peer to peer advisory group.

CEO’s, Executives, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners of any size business – Peer groups forming now. Get real growth by engaging in a peer group and our expert global community of coaches, thought leaders and consultants. Join one of our peer groups that are forming now.

  • CEO
  • Multi Cultural Leader
  • Key executive
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Small Business Owner
  • Family Owned Business
  • Entrepreneur
  • Sustainability Leadership & Strategy

eTALKS – Watch our listen to our eTALKS show.

Several authors and experts sharing their experience and knowledge with our eVR global community.

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