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This workshop is specifically for YOU.   As times change and technology evolves the way we conduct business changes as well. Today is that day, virtual, face to face, coaching and consulting is here now.

While a majority of advisors have been successful conducting  meetings via telephone an even better way to connect with clients is becoming a powerful trend, Imagine taking your “audible coaching” to the next level to deepen important conversations and greatly improve your clients’ experience and results.

You know how important body language is and the power of seeing your clients.

  • Have you tried video meetings with inadequate technology that caused you to give up and stick with phone calls instead?
  • Would you like to create a world class virtual meeting room and equipment to make it a positive experience?

The eVR team are experts on how to conduct professional online face to face meetings with individuals and peer groups.

We specialize in teaching YOU on how to conduct effective online face to face meetings for a world class experience.

In this interactive online, face to face, workshop you’ll learn how to conduct effective world class meetings whether you are working with individuals or groups.

  • Learn how to identify the right video conferencing program for you
  • Learn how to set up your clients for a positive virtual meeting
  • Learn how to prepare for online meetings, share information and maintain confidentiality

You could spend hours researching, testing, and trying to figure out the best practices or you could participate in this interactive workshop and be up to speed in days and conducting meetings like a seasoned professional! We limit our workshops to 10 participants to maximize your learning experience.  You will not sit back and listen in this workshop.  You will see the attendees, interact and collaborate with the attendees.

ICF Coaches – (International Coach Federation) this program is eligible for 3 ICF Resource Development CCEU’s.

Because of the demand for this workshop we have added multiple dates. This is a 4 module (75 minutes each) interactive event.  We ,meet every Thursday at 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Pacific time.

Say goodbye to coaching over the phone and have more effective coaching meetings with online face to face meetings.

Learn how to conduct an effective online face to face coaching meeting like a professional.

  • More effective coaching meetings with non verbal cues
  • Improve relationships
  • Increase participant focus during meeting
  • Enable more interaction during group coaching
  • Collaborate more effectively

What you’ll learn:

  • How to conduct a professional online face to face meeting for individual and group coaching
  • How to avoid the annoying technical issues that are distracting
  • Best practices to on how to conduct a world class meeting
  • How to set up your office to make a professional looking meeting room
  • Equipment requirements, how to test, and setup (computer, internet and webcam)
  • Overview of available video conferencing technology and identifying which one is right for you
  • How to maintain security and confidentiality of virtual coaching meetings