Divya PerekhDivya founded The DP Group (co-founded The Moxie Solution) to help individuals and Emerging Leaders harness the power of their strengths and passions to master insights that allow them to perform and succeed at the highest level.  Divya is a Certified Professional Coach, Learning Leader, Health Coach, Ambassador, Head Career Coach leading the career coaching community for the ICA, Founding Member of Impact for Coaches as well as an Associate Certified Coach (Credentialed through International Coach Federation) in good standing with the ICF.

Divya brings over 25 years of experience across a broad range of institutions – from university, to research labs to mid-sized and large pharmaceutical organizations. She began her career as an associate professor in Chemistry and Biochemistry, splitting her time between leading research efforts and teaching graduate students. After leaving academia, she has worked in several corporate roles including program management, project implementation, personnel and product development, and partnership development.

Over all these years, the common thread has been working with people. The range of experiences has enriched Divya’s understanding of the human dimension in life situations. As her career has progressed and evolved, she has successfully built rapport and trust with her students, fellow workers, executives, coaches and clients. She has accomplished this by focusing on long-term customer relationship, individualized client-centered coaching, and by identifying strengths, skills, values, and interests. She has helped students and professionals build a strong foundation in order to formulate realistic choices, shift careers into more satisfying trajectories, and develop the power of purpose through a focus on mindsets and behaviors to reach challenging goals that lead to living life on an entirely different level.

As your partner, Divya offers Career Leadership Health coaching to move your career and life forward in a positive and rewarding direction. She understands first-hand demanding work schedules and the challenges faced to maintain optimal health and wellness.  She believes that confidence grows when achievements are made, and fitness (mind, body and intellect) allows people to develop themselves in areas other than work or home life.  She will use her vast experience in biochemistry, academic, corporate and coaching fields to guide and support each client’s individual journey along the continuum of life and success. Unlike a career counselor who may share tips and best practices to help clients achieve employment goals, and a mentor might teach their technical craft, coaching, and particularly Divya’s brand of Career Leadership Health coaching, works with you to fashion a “life plan” and mindset that encompasses both career and personal goals. Career Leadership Coaching goes beyond career counseling – it is the “Win-Win Code” for human interaction and collaboration.  Career Leadership Health coaching helps you find and pursue your life plan – whether you are an experienced corporate professional or a new, aspiring entrepreneur.

As a committed career leadership health coach, Divya will stick with you every step of the way, offering support as you reach initial “life plan” goals and aspire to achieve new goals. A Career Leadership Health Coach is not just a counselor, not just a mentor, and not just a professional advisor –it is the best of all three and so much more. A Leadership Career Health Coach is more like a personal navigational unit that is constantly updated with the latest traffic, weather, short cuts and detailed road maps not just to the neighborhood of success, but to its very doorstep. Opportunity knocks and Leadership Career coaching will help you obtain the mindset and behaviors to grab that opportunity!