TimiTimi Gleason, Amazon author (Coach as Strategic Partner) and President of Executive Goals, a coaching and consulting service, helps clients focus on developing their leadership behaviors in a way that promotes and retains talent and supports financial success.   Specialty areas include: mentoring strategic thinking and promoting leadership development at the senior manager level: Influencing, Strategic Thinking/Planning, and promoting Innovation.  Clients include foreign leaders who are interesting in understanding western leadership practices and approaches within their own cultures.

Timi is the creator of Crowd-Sourced Strategic Planning an affordable, diversity-driven strategic planning service for small non-profits and like-minded businesses in geographically dispersed locations.  CSSP provides clients who would not normally be able to afford strategic planning assistance with abundant ideas and core strategies.  Group debriefs are handled virtually and are designed to share costs and ideas by crowd-sourcing the collective experiences of like-minded organizations.

As a Speaker, Coach and Author, Timi is a translator and educator of leadership concepts for industries that have operations, marketing, human resource, call center, and sales team leaders.  She is an expert on teaching managers how to lead and think strategically in Technology, Broadband Communications, Hospitality, Insurance, and Publishing with emphasis on cross-functional collaboration.

Timi uses books and assessments to introduce safe and supportive change-management conversations.Timi is a two-term past president of a local Rotary International chapter in San Diego, California, as well as a long term Board Member for the local chapter of the Association for Strategic Planning.

Area of Expertise

Timi coaches and mentors in the areas of Leadership Development and Strategic Thinking with corporate leaders, business owners, and foreign leaders who are seeking insight into Western business practices. Timi has a unique combination of Fortune 200-500 and family-owned business leadership experience.

Specialty areas include

  • Mentoring strategic thinking
  • Promoting leadership development
  • Influencing, Strategic Thinking/Planning
  • Promoting Innovation


  • Technology
  • Broadband Communications
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Publishing