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We are the future of how leaders collaborate and grow through our online “face-to-face” peer forums.We are attracting participants who have a strong desire to grow their business, professional career path and leadership skills.

Our model is based upon a safe environment, built upon trust and respect, for business leaders to discuss their toughest challenges with their trusted peers. It’s a proven model that is used by top business leaders around the world. We add the ability to reach across geographies and meet online in a state of the art technology with experts in multiple disciplines. Our members are expanded beyond CEOs – many executives at different levels of organizations find a need for support and collaboration.

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Our groups are currently forming, and with leaders in all parts of the world there is an opportunity to offer local resources when needed. For example, a London member may need a patent attorney in Los Angeles. Looking through our directory would be a much safer option than a Google search. Equally a member in Paris may need a resource in London. Our Expert Teams Leaders each invite their resources to join our community.

Consulting & Service

Connexia Group
Connexia Group
We help companies drive increased sales productivity and results.
The Connexia Group is a consulting firm which specializes in accelerating performance in sales, management, and business development. Founder Patrick McClure has personally sold over $100 million in products and services for companies such as IBM, Digital Equipment, EDS and Hitachi Data Systems before founding Connexia in 1993. Key industries served include manufacturing, medical device, high technology, financial services, software, small business, and internet-based startups.

We work with clients to accelerate sales performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales force and their management.
Our Typical Clients experience a 10-20% increase in sales performance within 6 months of working with us.

This means rapidly improving market share, increased sales revenues, and greater profits.
Our Clients Hire us because they can’t fix their sales performance issues without outside help.

The Major Problems we solve are poor morale, inefficient processes, untrained or poorly trained salespeople, declining sales revenue, and excessive turnover.

What sets us apart is our unique ability to diagnose the exact CAUSES of your sales problems…which means we can then solve them. Most companies don’t have a clue why sales are down, much less know how to fix it.

What makes us unique is our GAP Analysis tools, including a detailed 110 point Sales Scorecard.
Group50 works with companies to effectively implement strategic change throughout their organization worldwide. Our specialties are strategic execution, manufacturing and distribution, global expansion, organizational developments and Exit Planning for owners of closely held companies.
Group50®’s focus is working with our clients to develop a culture of effective strategic execution. We provide clients with critical resources and tools (over 20 assessments and workshops) to Align their organization to their strategic and cultural objectives; Integrate acquired businesses, new systems, products and processes into their operations and Optimize the operational performance of their companies: large and small, healthy or troubled.

Projects we work on have an advantage because we utilize former operating executives and professionals as consultants, interim executives, board members, coaches and advisers We put consultants in place who have experience with the issues a client is facing. They have guided companies such as GE, Black & Decker, Morgan Stanley, Quest Communications, AT&T, Avery Dennison, Apple, Citigroup, Fidelity, Waterpik and many others to higher levels of performance. Our consultants speak 10 languages and have done projects in over 25 countries and come from many industries with backgrounds in finance, marketing, sales, operations, IT, manufacturing, distribution and engineering.

Group50® brings unique leadership skills, insights and best practices from around the globe to our client's projects. We have worked on hundreds of projects for large and small companies worldwide. Our areas of expertise include:

Manufacturing and Distribution
Performance Management
Strategic Execution
M&A Integration
Continuous Improvement
Supply Chain Optimization
Business Process Audits
Exit Planning
Global Initiatives
Organizational Alignment and Development
Project Management

We have successfully implemented strategic execution systems, performance management systems, merged companies, rationalized and consolidated manufacturing and distribution, built greenfield plants, implemented new products, created new markets, re-engineered business processes and have more than a dozen financial and operational turnarounds under our belts.

Our approach to elevating the performance of a company applies to a broad array of Industry segments. The techniques we use have proven successful in many other types of firms such as real estate, professional services, franchises and others.

We work with large and small companies, having helped several start-ups build their business model and get funded, provided key resources to middle market companies who needed added clout on their bench and worked with large companies to identify primary areas for improvement: More importantly we work side by side with our clients to implement our recommendations. Most of our engagements range from 6 – 24 months.

Our operating experience, workshops and our newest tool, Execute To Win®, a cloud based strategic execution and performance management system, provides clients with the ability to lead their organizations and operations to significantly higher and sustainable levels of performance. We firmly believe “what gets measured gets managed”.
Group50 - Strategic Execution Experts
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