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We are the future of how leaders collaborate and grow through our online “face-to-face” peer forums.We are attracting participants who have a strong desire to grow their business, professional career path and leadership skills.

Our model is based upon a safe environment, built upon trust and respect, for business leaders to discuss their toughest challenges with their trusted peers. It’s a proven model that is used by top business leaders around the world. We add the ability to reach across geographies and meet online in a state of the art technology with experts in multiple disciplines. Our members are expanded beyond CEOs – many executives at different levels of organizations find a need for support and collaboration.

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Our groups are currently forming, and with leaders in all parts of the world there is an opportunity to offer local resources when needed. For example, a London member may need a patent attorney in Los Angeles. Looking through our directory would be a much safer option than a Google search. Equally a member in Paris may need a resource in London. Our Expert Teams Leaders each invite their resources to join our community.

Financial Services

Growth Partners
Growth Partners
An Investment Banking & Strategic Engineering Firm
Growth Partners is a unique strategic engineering and investment banking firm specializing in Value Creation and Value Realization activities and transactions based on a turnkey set of merger & acquisition, capital formation, and corporate development competencies. The firm assists CEO's build their companies to create new value, or assists owners maximize the realization of existing value.

The firm’s Value Creation activities pertain to assessing a company’s endowments, capacities, marketplace position, etc., and defining and recommending the optimal strategic architecture(s) to modify the company’s offering, and in some cases, the business model, all to create greater earnings quality and growth, or greater Enterprise and Equity Values. Further, Growth Partners will consummate any M&A and/or capital formation transaction inherent within the advised proposition.

The firm’s Value Realization activities pertain to first determining the optimal timing of a liquidity event, and the form of that event for a particular company and owner(s) based on a proprietary best practice. Once this is determined, Growth Partners provides a set of expectations for the event based on a Value Audit, and at proper time, will execute the liquidity event. The outcome of this process is maximized via special information, negotiation and structuring tactics.

Growth Partners will engage all types of companies within most industries and geographies with earnings of at least $1 million. The firm's performance and quality is validated by, an extensive reference list of over 25 CEO’s and owners, and a set of elaborative testimonials. The firm is a FINRA registered broker-dealer, notwithstanding its sole proprietorship status, and its Principal has five licenses.