The Value and Benefits of Virtual Vs. Traditional Meetings

eVirtual Roundtables is at the cutting edge with a new model for peer-to-peer advisory groups. Until now, only CEOs and key executives have had the privilege of having their own advisory boards. With the intersection of technology and demand, all leaders striving for growth, excellence, and success acceleration can participate with their peers. They can be supported as they create solutions for challenges and examine issues and possibilities from alternate perspectives.

Time is an equalizer. No matter who you are you only have 24 hours a day. As a leader, it is important to use your available time as effectively as possible. Due to our virtual “rooms” you have no travel time or expense. No longer are there long meetings as our groups are intimate, structured with four to eight members. And, the groups determine the number of participants. Our expert Team Leaders are the meeting facilitators and are available for Just-Enuf, Just-in-Time mentoring and coaching.

Your Team Members can be anywhere around the globe thereby expanding insights and perspectives. Teams can be formed across industry specific groups on a national and global level or within an organization to keep the momentum going on important initiatives.

Our technology is easy to access, and because our virtual rooms are private and not shared with expert Team Leaders other than your own, all content is safe. As many as eight Team Members can participate in a virtual face-to-face meeting. You will not be sharing confidences with disembodied voices—you will see each other.